Barbecued Snags Recipe 2022 – How To Make It In Home

barbecued snags

If you have seen all the Aussies on television hogging barbecued snags and felt like whipping some at home, then you have come to the right place. Or are you visiting Australia sometime soon and can’t imagine not knowing how to make at least one local cuisine at home? Yes, we get it, and we’ll help you as well!

Moreover, foreign names always sound fancy, and you might feel like it’s impossible to whip it up at home. But don’t forget there’s a hidden Masterchef inside all of you. On top of that, the Aussies do know how to host Masterchef the right way – so don’t feel intimidated about that and keep reading to find out more about the same.

The Birth Of Snags: Evolution 101

The Birth Of Snags Evolution 101

Most words that we use for communicating in our daily life are a blend of the actual word, which has probably become redundant, and some new trend that has been incorporated. ‘Snags’ is perhaps one of the best examples of the same. Initially, the word ‘snags’ was used to refer to sausages. 

The Australians then took the word a notch higher and began using it to refer to sausages served inside hot dogs. It does sound scrumptious – imagine the freedom of cooking snags whenever you want! But unfortunately, any dictionary of Australian English has no information on why the word refers to hot dogs. 

But we can assume that just like most words have evolved over time, the Aussie version of sausages and hot dogs have been shortened with time – now it’s known as ‘barbecued snags.’ In fact, if you type ‘barbecued snags Australia,’ then you will find out just how popular these are as Australian food!

Barbecued Snags: Homemade Happiness On A Platter

Barbecued Snags Homemade Happiness On A Platter

Now that you can understand cooking barbecued songs at home is an easy-breezy affair, there’s not much you have to do if you think about it. So for a change, why don’t we check put the ingredients involved in cooking a dish of perfect happiness!

Ingredients: What’s Inside?

Ingredients What’s Inside

The ingredients that are needed to cook some barbecued snags in true Australian fashion are mentioned below. Check them out, and don’t forget to keep in mind that quantity has a lot to do with how great the snags turn out. In fact, the reason why dishes don’t turn out that great at home is that people either use substitute ingredients or end up messing with the ingredients. 

So make sure you don’t use substitute ingredients and keep in check the quality!

Note: The ingredients mentioned below are meant for eight servings. 

Beef Sausages1 Kg
White Bread,A Slice for every sausage
BBQ SauceAs required
Tomato SauceAs required
OilAs required,

So you have a fair idea about the ingredients that go into making a perfect platter of barbecued snags. What’s more? Ah, yes, preparation must count for something too. Let’s get that done now, shall we?

Preparation: From The Kitchen Counter To The Dining Table

Once you have gotten hold of all ingredients for the servings concerned, you can start preparing Australian barbecued snags from your kitchen counter. All you need to do? Simply scroll down and find out all that you need to know for the same. 

Step 1:

First things first! Slice away the two onions into small pieces and sauté the sliced pieces until they turn golden brown in color. While doing so, don’t use more than two tablespoons of cooking oil, and the heat should be kept at medium. 

Step 2:

Once you have finished cooking the onions, add some oil to the cooking pan again – remember not more than two tablespoons. Now add all the sausages into the pan and start frying them until they turn brown from all sides. While frying the sausages, flip them so that they can fry from all sides. 

Step 3:

Once the sausages have been almost cooked, simply slice the pieces through the middle. Now turn them on different sides so they can from the inside as well. It is very important to cook the sausages from all sides – inside and outside for the best results. 

Step 4: 

While serving, place each piece of sausage in a diagonal manner on the slices of white bread, and add some onions, BBQ sauce, and tomato sauce as toppings. Season with salt and pepper or even oregano and chili flakes, depending on how you like your seasoning. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Do You Make Bbq Snags?

Ans: Follow the steps mentioned below and find out how to make BBQ snags!
👉 Grease a barbeque plate and heat the same over medium heat for a few minutes. 
👉 Add onions to the plate and sauté the same – cook these for five minutes on each side until these turn tender and golden.
👉 Add sausages to the plate and cook on both sides.
👉 Now add the sausages to the bread slices. Drizzle with sauce and serve!

Q2. What Are Barbecued Snags Made Of? 

Ans: Barbecued sausages are famous Australian sausages, thick in size and made with a mild blend of flavors. It is cooked from pork, onions, garlic, and beef. These are pretty popular in Australia and loved by people from all over the world.

Q3. What Are Aussie Snags? 

Ans: Generally, the primary item for sale at any Australian sausage sizzle is a beef or pork sausage, colloquially referred to as ‘snag’ in Australian slang. These snags are usually grilled or barbecued and served as a hot dog on white bread slices. In Western Australia, these are served just like hot dogs.

Food For Thought: Your Friendly, Neighborhood Snags!

Now that you know how to prepare a scrumptious dish of barbecued snags at home, you no longer have to spend time googling ‘barbecued snags Australia recipe’- now prepare the best snags at home without any hassle. 

Once you know how to make these at home, you no longer need to look for them when you are outside – you can whip them up at home whenever you want! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the same!

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