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In most cases, when you are heading towards Fraser Island, you will cross Rainbow Island as well. In case you have been through this amazing place, I am pretty sure that you have stopped there at least for a while. 

And in case you have not been there yet, I would love to ask you to spend a vacation or at least a part of your vacation at Rainbow Island. The natural beauty and other surrounding beaches will surely blow your mind. 

Rainbow Beach

In the Gympie Region of Queensland, Australia, this rural coastal town is located. Particularly in the Coral Sea, Rainbow Beach is bounded by a wide bay to the east. The rainbow-colored sand dunes that surround the beach are the reason behind the name Rainbow beach. 

Rainbow Beach: Beaches

This place has a number of beaches for you to explore. The mesmerizing scenic beauty and crystal clear water are waiting for you to swim there and spend some quality time. So, let’s go through the options that you have. 

  • North Spit.
  • Hook Point.
  • Inskip Point.
  • Rainbow Beach South.
  • Obviously, Rainbow Beach. 

Do not think that the list of beaches in this particular location is ended here. There are some more beaches located at an accessible distance from Rainbow Beach. 

  • Alexandria Bay.
  • Little Cove.
  • Tea Tree.
  • Noosa West.
  • Granite Bay.
  • Noosa.
  • Five Mile.
  • Fairy Pools.
  • Poyungan.
  • Cooloola. 

Rainbow Beach Weather

When you are visiting a place, it is always beneficial to have an idea about the weather of the place. It will also help you to plan what will be the most suitable time to visit that place. Do not worry. By the end of this article, I will provide you the overall best time to visit Rainbow Island and enjoy it to the fullest. 

But for now, let’s have a look at the temperature and precipitation data of Rainbow Island throughout the year. 

Rainbow Island Temperature Chart

Months Minimum Temperature Maximum Temperature Average Temperature
January 72.7°F 82.3°F 76.7°F
February 72.7°F 81.3°F 76.3°F
March 71.2°F 79.5°F 74.7°F
April 67°F 75.8°F 70.9°F
May 61.7°F 72°F 66.3°F
June 58.2°F 68.3°F 62.7°F
July 56°F 68°F 61.5°F
August 57°F 70.3°F 63.1°F
September 61°F 74.8°F 67.2°F
October 64.7°F 77.3°F 70.2°F
November 67.8°F 79.5°F 72.9°F
December 70.9°F 82°F 75.6°F

Rainbow Island Precipitation Chart

Months Average Humidity Average Precipitation
January 75% 5.4 inches
February 77% 5.9 inches
March 77% 4.8 inches
April 76% 3.3 inches
May 73% 3.4 inches
June 73% 2.6 inches
July 69% 1.5 inches
August 66% 1.9 inches
September 68% 1.6 inches
October 69% 3 inches
November 70% 2.8 inches
December 72% 4.5 inches

I hope as you get to know about the temperature readings along with the precipitation average, now you will be able to decide at which time you want to visit the place. Still, it is always advisable to look at the weather forecast before leaving. 

Rainbow Beach Hotels

It does not matter wherever you are going, you always need to be a little more careful about where you are going to stay. And when it comes to Rainbow Beach accommodation, you do not need to worry that much. 

When you are here, you will not encounter any issues in finding a suitable place to spend your nights. Whether you are looking for an exotic resort, or an apartment type of accommodation, or those usual hotel rooms will do fine, you will get everything. 

So, let’s get to know the top-rated accommodation options on Rainbow Beach. 

  • Rainbow Beach Caravan Park.
  • Rainbow Sea Resort.
  • Little Salty Vibes.
  • Rainbow Sands Resort. 
  • Rainbow Ocean Palms Resort. 
  • Plantation Resort At rainbow. 
  • Pippies Beachhouse.
  • Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments.
  • BIG4 Holiday Parks.
  • Freedom Rainbow Beach.
  • Debbie’s Place.

With so many options, you will never encounter any issues with your staying. Still, I will always advise you to make the bookings prior to your visit. This way, you do not have to run from one option to another in the peak seasons and will also get the rooms of your choice. 

Rainbow Beach Foods

Whenever you are visiting a new place, apart from the local attractions, the local cuisine and food joints are the next most exciting thing to explore. When you have already decided on the accommodation option, now is the time to have a look at the food options. 

In case you are having any special requirements like vegan, gluten-free foods, you will surely get that along with vegetarian and normal Australian cuisine. Here is the list of top-rated food joints of Rainbow Beach. 

  • Ocean Breeze Seafood.
  • Somewhere Over Coffee.
  • Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill.
  • Banana Beach Cafe Rainbow Beach.
  • Little Parliament Cafe.
  • Brent’s Burgers.
  • Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving Supporter’s Club Restaurant.
  • Eds Beach Bakery Rainbow Beach.
  • Creme de la Creme.
  • Cafe Jilarty at Rainbow.
  • Royal Palace Indian Cuisine.
  • The Pavilion Restaurant and Bar. 
  • Rainbow Beach Hotel.
  • Arcobaleno on the Beach.
  • Frying Fish Club.
  • Rainbow Beach Sports Club.

Things to Do In Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a place where you can enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest. Have a closer look at the colorful rippling effect in the mineral. On the backside of the cliffs, you will get to see the rainbow color, for which this beach is named. 

The Aboriginal legend told a story about the colorful existence of the sands. According to them, Murrawar was a beautiful Aboriginal maiden who fell in love with the Rainbow. An evil man stole Murrawar for his slave wife, and when Rainbow was trying to protect her, Rainbow and the evil man fought a battle. 

During the fight, Rainbow shattered and spread his colorful spirits across the cliffs. This is why the sands are colorful at Rainbow beach. In case you are searching for a more proper reason, the presence of minerals is making the rocks colorful. 

Rainbow Beach is considered a 4WD paradise, that definitely does not mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the place without it. Apart from the scenic beauty, you also can try different types of adventurous activities here. 

Let’s check out the things that are waiting for you in Rainbow beach. 

  • 4WD beach drive.
  • Stand-up paddle double island point.
  • Surf lesson in the longest wave of Australia.
  • Feed dolphins at Tin Can Bay. 
  • Rainbow Beach horse ride. 
  • Fraser Island Skydiving.
  • Fraser Island tour. 
  • Half-day kayak with dolphins.

If you are planning to make a family tour at that place, do not make a conclusion that Rainbow beach does not have much to offer you. It is also prepared with a bunch of stuff for you to enjoy some family time. 

  • Cooloola Wilderness Trail.
  • Carlo Point Marina.
  • Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area. 
  • Seary’s Creek. 
  • Poona Lake.
  • Carlo Sand Blow.

Rainbow Beach camping is another one for you that you can definitely enjoy with your family. Spending a night in the camp, sleeping under the starry sky, is undoubtedly an amazing experience. 

Map: Location of The Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is located at a distance of 47 miles from Gympie’s Bruce highway town. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is 149 miles away. From the Brisbane Airport, you just need to head straight towards the north in order to reach Rainbow Beach. The most and only enjoyable way of going to Rainbow Beach is the 2.5 hours drive from Brisbane. 

Best Time To Visit Rainbow Beach

We usually consider summer as the perfect time to visit beaches. Here you might be surprised to know that actually, the best time to visit Rainbow Beach is during the wintertime. It is the perfect season to experience this place and enjoy the Great Beach Drive

In case you are thinking about the forgiving temperature readings as the reason, let me tell you there are more than you are thinking. During this time, the humpback whales are on their annual holiday, and along the Rainbow Beach coast, they make their migration. 

So, if you visit Rainbow Beach during the winter season, you will be able to witness the magical view of hundreds of whales jumping and playing offshore along their way.  


I have tried my best to come up with almost every piece of information that is essential for planning your trip to Rainbow Beach. But when you are planning a relaxing vacation in a totally different place, no information is enough. 

So, here are some more questions that are often asked, and I also believe these answers will help you a lot in planning your trip and enjoy it to the fullest.  

1. Is There A Rainbow Beach?

Rainbow beach is an amazing locale in Queensland’s Wide Bay Burnett Region. The name is designated for the multicolored sand dune, which surrounds the beach instead of the sand right on the water. 

2. Are There Crocodiles At Rainbow Beach?

When we are talking about Rainbow Beach, generally, no crocodiles are found there. But at the same time, it is also true that crocs can be carried by ocean currents to any other area, which is totally outside of their own territories. And like some other beaches, Rainbow Beach is not directly connected to any river system. 

3. Why Is It Called Rainbow Beach?

Rainbow beach is actually famous for being the best available access to Fraser Island, which is quite a favorite of almost everyone. So, while you are on your way, you can spend some time here and check out the things to do on Rainbow Island. From Brisbane, it will take around 3 hours to reach Rainbow Beach. 

4. Can You Swim At Rainbow Beach?

The very name is derived from the surrounding sand dunes of rainbow colors. The legends of the Kabi people tell a story behind those rainbow-colored sand dunes. Yining, who was a spirit that was represented by the rainbow, pushed into the cliffs after fighting a battle with an evil tribesman. 

Is Rainbow Beach Worth Your Visit?

From the above discussion, you might have got an idea about how different Rainbow Beach is from any other beaches. The rainbow-colored sands surround the place. Now just imagine during the sunrise and sunset how beautiful this place will look, when the different shades of sun rays will be added by nature. This place is also safe from any type of wild animal attacks, which makes it one of the safest beaches to enjoy your vacation. 

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