20 Best Australian Foods You Should Not Miss

Australian Foods

Most Australian locals usually have fried rice, Mediterranean cuisine, Thai Curries, etc as their daily part of the meals. But these dishes aren’t really Australian. These might be part of Australia’s diverse food culture, but they aren’t what you can call Australian dishes. 

So, what are some Australian foods that Australians claim to be their own? Well, perhaps this list should help. In this article, I have listed the top 20 foods you can try in Australia if you are landing there anytime soon.

So, without further delay, let’s get you started.

Top Twenty Australian Foods To Taste

Here’s a list of the best Australian foods you can try. We tried to stay true to the culture and mentioned the best dishes you could taste upon your arrival at this amazing place. 

1.  Lamingtons


Lamington is not only an original Aussie cuisine, but it’s also a pure classic if you are looking for something genuinely from this land. Most Australians make this dish at home. But what’s the dish exactly? Well, it is a buttery cake that has a spongy outer layer.  Moreover, the coconut icing makes it more exotic.

All you need to check is that the sponge forms in a tender manner. Otherwise, the entire delicacy would just ruin it. It’s a classic, and most natives know the recipe secrets. In fact, if you want to have some, you can head over to local restaurants that sell this delicacy.

Places To Get: Bennelong, Flour Drum, Candied Bakery

2. Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana is one of the snack recipes that is quite famous in Australia. It is fried in a saucepan along with some herbs and vegetables. Many people, especially the youth, are more fond of having this dish. 

This is one Australian food you can have at lunch or pack as your afternoon snack. In fact, if you want to have some during dinner, go ahead and order some Chicken Parmigiana from the restaurant nearby. 

Places to Get: Dove and Olive Hotel, Shakespeare Hotel, The Australian Heritage Hotel

3. Pavlova


Pavlova is a dessert and one of the Australian native foods. It is actually a Meringue cake that is made with whipped cream and strawberries. This is yet another item you can order from any local restaurant in Australia. Since it’s a popular dessert, most Aussie homes have expertise in making it.

Places To Get: Hopetoun Tea Rooms, Manta Restaurant, Bennelong 

4. Barbecued Snags

Barbecued Snags

When it comes to Australian snack foods, you can consider the Barbecued snacks. These are typical Australian grilled sausages made from beef and pork. You can even make this dish by having a flat grill. 

Moreover, the presence of the barbecue sauce makes this dish more alluring. Most Aussies who love eating meat are crazy about barbecued snags. 

Places To Get: Snag & Brown, Run Amuk, Vue de Monde

5. Meat Pies

Meat Pies

The Aussie Meat Pies are no less than a delicacy. You can eat them in the main course, and all you’ll need is minced beef to make it.  The key to the heavenly taste of this dish is the seasoning. So, be very careful when seasoning. 

Making a pie is not an easy task, and you should not try making it at home without being an expert. Well, there are a lot of places where you can choose to buy pies. Check them below:

Places to Get: Fatto A Mano, Boscastle, Black Star Pastry, York 75

6. Vegemite Toast

Vegemite Toast

Vegemite toast is a simple recipe in the list of Australian foods. Actually, it is nothing but a spread made from yeast extracts. Well, you can get the ready-made vegemite in the stores, but the original one has outstanding flavors. 

Places to get: Mecca Cafe, Toastface Grillah, Incinerator Cafe

7. Barramundi


When it comes to Australian foods, you can find a lot of seafood on the menu. It is because the country is totally surrounded by oceans. Now, you can discover Barramundi fish on the Asian side of the world, and the Aussies are fond of fried or boiled Barramundi. So, you can try them too when you visit the country. 

Places To Get The Cook-a-Barra, The Salty Crab, The Rusty Water Brewery. 

8. Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is one of the main side dishes, and you can consider it one of the Australian bush foods.  It has an alluring and lingering taste, and for that reason, a lot of people love it. Well, you can get this dish at a lot of places in the country; however, for the best experience, you should try it from one of the best joints. Just check the following option.

Places To Get: The Spud Shop, The Eating Station, City Extra Restaurant

9. Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

If you are traveling and looking for a tiffin item, the fairy bread can be the best for you. Now, it is not even a tiffin dish. Fairy bread has been a very popular dish at children’s birthday parties. 

All you have to do is buy two pieces of bread, some butter, and sprinkles. Remember, it would be a waste of time and money to order it in any restaurant.

Places to Get: You can get all the ingredients in any local grocery shop and can make it all by yourself. Now, you can also request any local food joint to make you a fairy bread. 

10. Fantales


Fantales have been one of the favorite food items for children in Australia. It is basically a chewing caramel that all Australian children love to taste. Well, you might have to face some problems to find a place to get the Fantales. However, if you get it, check for its authentication. 

Places to Get: You can get the Fantales from any local store in Australia. The best you can do is taste it while on your trip. 

11. Tim Tams 

Tim Tams

The Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit recipe that is manufactured by Arnott’s company. However, there are many Aussie households that make the Tim Tams at their places. Actually, the combination of chocolate and chocolate icing makes this food a hit. 

Places to Get: The best Tim Tams are available in Australian households only. You can still get them at any grocery shop. There are many types of Tim Tam that you can try, like Tim Tam Dark, Tim Tam Choc Mint, Tim Tam Chewy Caramel, etc. 

12. Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe

When it comes to Australian foods, you can get a huge range of chocolate items. Well, the Cherry Ripe is yet another chocolate bar that is available all over the markets of Australia. As far as the standard product is concerned, Cadbury is now a manufacturer of the Cherry Ripe. 

The company makes the Cherry Ripe strictly according to the recipe of MacRobertson in the year 1924. It was one of the oldest chocolate bars in the land. 

Places to Get: It is very easy to get cherry-ripe chocolate in any of the grocery shops in Australia. You can even go through the bonafide recipe and make one at your place.

13. Pie Floater

Pie Floater

The Pie Floater is the main course dish containing a meat pie and a chickpea soup. So, you can always ensure your tummy turns full by eating the Pie Floater. This dish is predominantly available in Adelaide. Moreover, it has been made more popular by the pie carts present in the South Australian region. 

Places to Get: Any food joint in Adelaide City, The pie carts that make the Pie Floater. 

14. Chiko Rolls

Chiko Rolls

The Chiko Roll is an Australian version of the Chinese spring roll that had the formal name ‘Chicken Roll’. It started its journey in 1951 and is still now available in the Australian market. The inverter of this food item is Frank McEncore.

Chiko Rolls has changed into one of the best tiffin items, and it is a favorite among people of all ages. One of the key reasons for its popularity is its handiness. 

Places to Get: You can get the Chiko rolls all over the country in the leading departmental stores and grocery shops. 

15. Continental Rolls

Continental Rolls

When it comes to Australian foods, the continental rolls are a dish that has an Italian Influence. It consists of chewy bread and lots of veggies and meat. You can get different types of continental rolls having meat in the form of salami, mortadella, coppa, etc. 

You can even ask for some extra cheese while having this roll in any of the famous food joints. Moreover, there is an option to take a roll with extra sauce topping. 

Places to Get: The ReStore, West Coast Sandwich

16. Caramel Slice

Caramel Slice

After Some Italian influence, you can check a Scottish touch on Australian foods. Well, it is one of the best shortbreads in the country. It is actually a dessert dish that is also known as ‘Millionaire’s Shortbread’. For the best experience, you can have it along with a dip of chocolate

Places to Get: Australian Bakery Cafe, Taste 

17. Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

The sausage rolls in Australia are just puffs that contain minced pork. Well, you can consider it a simple dish, but it has an extraordinary taste. Common people in  Australia who are good cooks can make sausage rolls at their places. 

These are just tiffin items that you can eat anytime, but the rolls contain the potential to keep your tummy full for a lot of time.   

Places to Get: Tornadough Alli, The Pioneer Woman, The Spruce Eats.  

18. Milo


Milo is a beverage that has a global fandom. It is a brand from the tent of Nestle. Well, you would be amazed to know that the recipe for the beverage was initially developed in Australia. The inventor of Milo was Thomas Mayne.

So, it is obvious that Milo gets a place on this list. Well, according to the global market, the Australian Milo tastes a bit different from all other versions. 

Places to Get: You can get a pack of Milo in any grocery store or departmental store in all leading cities of the country. 

19. Smashed Avo

Smashed Avo

All thanks to Bill Granger, an Australian who first invented the smashed avo and used it as a dip/sauce for the sandwich.  Well, you can make Smashed Avo easily at your place. On the other hand, you can even visit a few outstanding restaurants where you can get this dip along with a sandwich. Check them in the section below: 

Places to Get: Compass and Fork, Rocky Mountain Cooking

20. Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime has taken part in this list as it is one of the native Australian foods. It is an ice cream whose recipe has not changed since it was invented in 1959. Many Australians, especially the youth, are very fond of this ice cream. 

Places to Get: You can get the Golden Gaytime ice cream in all departmental stores in Australia. Apart from that, many carts also deal with the ice cream packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. What Is The Most Popular Food In Australia 2024?

Ans: Cheeseburgers and Pad Thai are the most popular food in Australia.

Q2. What Is Australia’s Most Popular Food?

Ans: Chicken Parmigiana is the most popular Australian food.

Q3. What Food Can You Only Get In Australia?

Ans: The 3 Meat Pies is an exclusive Australian delicacy. 

Q4. What Is Australia’s Number 1 Food?

Ans: Beetroot With hamburgers is the number 1 food in Australia. 

Final Words

So, these are the twenty Australian foods you can try during your visit to the country. Now it is all up to your choice for what you will try during your next Aussie trip. The best you can do is pick a few dishes or packaged food that you can consume during the lunch and dinner hours. 

If you are a food fanatic and desire to cover Australia and its people in terms of food, this can be the perfect article for you. Well, make sure to let us know about your experience in the land of kangaroos.

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