Top 10 Western Bulldogs- Pets Guide

western bulldog

There are many types of bulldogs among them the American bulldogs. These bulldogs are known to be charming, playful and without any doubt the best.  If you are looking for the best bulldog therefore the western bulldog has to be one of the options you need to be contemplating.  

There are many types of western bulldogs that you can choose from.  As you look set to acquire one, it is very important that you make the right selection from the many that are available.  To make this choice, you need to go through all the bulldog types and decide for yourself which one is the best for you.  

Top 10 Western Bulldogs

western bulldog

If you want a bulldog then better go for the best and this is exactly why you need to look for a Western bulldog.  There are so many of these types that you can choose from depending on what you need.  This article, therefore, takes a look at some of the western bulldogs that you can buy or try out if you need any.  

These bulldogs are without any doubt some of the best that you can keep as pets at any given time. Some of them are so easy to train and you can train them depending on how you would like them to look, behave and other things as well. 

1. The English bulldog 

The English bulldog is exactly what comes to the minds of many people whenever they think of bulldogs.  The modern English bulldog is a perfect combination of the iconic physical appearance of a bulldog together with its friendliness.  It is such a loyal bulldog that many people find so interesting to have as a pet.  

If you need something more iconic and original in a bulldog then this is exactly what you need to be considering.  However, even though this is one of the best bulldogs you will ever find anywhere, it comes with some health problems as well.  Thus, before buying one it is very important for you to take time and study its health history.  

2. American bulldog 

Many people take the word American bulldog to mean a pure American bulldog. Well even though that might be true to a certain extent, it is not entirely what the case is.  The American bulldog is basically what the British bulldog was before it was bred with other types of bulldogs.  

In fact, if you are looking for a traditional western bulldog then this might be the right breed for you.  In fact, many people argue that this bulldog is the closest you will ever get to an English bulldog.  This dog is typically English but was brought to America in the 17th century during the colonial period.  

3. The Spanish bulldog 

This is the least known type of bulldog.  In fact, not so many people know about this type of bulldog.  Nonetheless, it is pretty much bulldog like the many others.  In fact, many people refer to it as the best and biggest bulldog. 

This is a native Spanish bulldog that serves so many purposes from a western bulldog perspective. Even though the bulldog is used as a pet now, that is not what it was used for back then. Many years ago, the Spanish bulldog was used for hunting and guarding back then and that has since changed.  

4. The French Bulldog 

The famous French bulldog breed.  The breed has its origin in the toy version of the English version of the bulldog back in the 1800s. The breed made its way to France from England back in the years. After moving to France back then, the bread was then crossed with the other small breeds like the pug and many others. 

After being crossed over with other breeds of dogs in France, the French bulldog became so common among the city dwellers.  The French bulldog has since been used as a proper pet not just in France but in other places as well, such a good western bulldog.  

5. Olde English Bulldog 

This is an exact descendant of the bulldog.  This bulldog was developed in America and is a healthier and more athletic bulldog that does not always need to use an electric throw blanket Kmart.  The bulldog is so powerful, masculine, and excels in any area where agility is very key. Given that this bulldog is very masculine might actually compel you to think that it is not friendly.  

However, that is not the exact case.  This dog is very friendly and the best pet you can have at any given time.  If you need a masculine and appealing bulldog then this is exactly what you need to go for, it is one of the best.  

6. Miniature English bulldog 

This bulldog came about as a result of a crossbreed between an English bulldog with a pug.  This bulldog has a low body with broad shoulders together with a wrinkled face.  It is very appealing and the best friend you can ever have at any given time.  

The good thing about Miniature English bulldog is the fact that it is very friendly and loyal.  This is exactly what pets are supposed to be.  Thus, if you need the best and loyal bulldog then this is what you need.  

7. The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog 

This is also another rare type of bulldog but is very large, agile, and masculine. Unlike the other Bulldogs which are mere pets, the Alapaha Blue blood bulldog is a dog that serves so many purposes.  For instance, this bulldog can be used as a guard or a watchdog.  

This bulldog is highly trainable and also very responsive as well.  It is such a loving bulldog that only reacts when there is a need to do so. If you need a bulldog that can serve exactly these purposes then this is the bulldog you need.  However, it is also important to note that the Alapaha Blue comes with some health issues that might sometimes warrant the use of an electric throw blanket target. 

8. The valley bulldog 

The valley bulldog is born out of a crossbreed between a boxer and an English bulldog.  This bulldog is known for so many things, among them its protective nature.  Other than that, the Valley Bulldog is also very friendly, intelligent, and also very playful.  

The fact that the valley Western bulldog adapts so well to indoor and outdoor environments means that you can take it everywhere.  It is such a good bulldog that you can take with you wherever you go without any problems.  

9. The Victorian bulldog 

One of the problems that many bulldogs have had in the past has been the issues of health.  Many of them come with a plethora of health issues that sometimes cut short their lives. However, this is not the case with the Victorian bulldog, it is one of the best there is.  

The bulldog is not just known for its agile nature but also is known to have the best health. Thus, if you are looking for a bulldog that you can rely on on terms of health then this is what you need.  It is a bulldog that is known to have very few health issues.  

10. The Catahoula Bulldog 

This is the last type of Western bulldog.  It is a crossbreed of a Catahoula and a Leopard dog.  This kind of western bulldog comes with abilities in many areas that make it ideal for various purposes like hunting and tracking. 

It is also another proper pet that can also be used as a watchdog especially if it is well taken care of.  Even though the Catahoula comes with several health concerns, it remains one of the best bulldogs from the western world.  


There are many types of Western bulldogs like the ones listed above.  These bulldogs come with various abilities and can serve in various roles.  However, before choosing any bulldog it is very important that you check the health condition of the bulldog first.  

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