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Are you planning a vacation? Are you not able to search for the perfect place for your vacation? Megalong Valley can really be a great choice, in case you are looking for something more peaceful and away from the hustle-bustle of the city. 

Often we all need an escape from our hectic daily schedule. Going on vacation offers us the much-awaited relaxation, which both our body and soul need. Megalong Valley can be the proper option for that. 

Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley is situated in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The place is also called the City of Blue Mountains. Megalong is a small rural community of the place. This beautiful place is surrounded by the spectacular scenic beauty of the blue mountains.

It really is good news for those who are in love with mountains and greenery. But before you start booking your tickets and planning the trip, there are a few things that you should know. 

All these essential pieces of information will help you to plan your trip properly so that you can enjoy it the most during your vacation. I will offer you detailed information about the following key points. 

  • Megalong Valley Weather.
  • Megalong Valley Hotels.
  • Megalong Valley Foods.
  • Things To Do In Megalong Valley 
  • Map: Location Megalong Valley
  • Best Time To Visit 
  • FAQ
  1. What is The Megalong Valley?
  2. Why Is It Called Megalong Valley?
  3. How Long Is Megalong Valley?
  4. Where Is Megalong Creek?
  5. Why Should You Visit Megalong Valley At Least Once?

Megalong Valley Weather

Megalong Valley is a perfect vacation place for its weather throughout the year. Summer is wet and warmer, while the winter is dry and cooler. Sometimes these places also witness some natural disasters as well. 

You can experience snowfall in the Blue Mountains region, but not throughout the year. 

Yearly Temperature Chart


Months Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperatures Rain 
January 26°C 15°C 12 days
February 25°C 15°C 11 days
March 23°C 14°C 11 days
April 19°C 11°C 8 days
May 16°C 9°C 7 days
June 13°C 6°C 7 days
July 12°C 5°C 6 days
August 14°C 6°C 6 days
September 17°C 8°C 6 days
October 20°C 10°C 8 days
November 22°C 12°C 19 days
December 25°C 14°C 9 days

Megalong Valley Hotels

Whenever you are planning for a vacation to an exotic place, the very first of your concerns has always been the staying options. But when you are visiting Megalong Valley, you will get a lot of quality Megalong Valley accommodation options. 

Here is a list of top-class Megalong Valley Hotels that you can consider for a comfortable stay. 

  • Sky Rider Motor Inn.
  • Fairmont Resort and Spa Blue Mountains.
  • Titania Motel.
  • Foy’s Folly.
  • Hydro Majestic Hotel Blue Mountains.
  • The Chalet Guesthouse and Studio.
  • In My View.
  • Wrexham.
  • The Carrington Hotel.
  • Katoomba Town Centre.
  • Palais Royale Boutique Hotel.
  • Blue Mountains Heritage Motel. 

All these budget-friendly staying options are equipped with all the necessary amenities, which will make your stay more comfortable. You can choose any of them as per your budget. It is advised to make your bookings prior to your visit. 

Megalong Valley Food

Once you select the place where you are going to stay during your trip in Megalong Valley, it is time to think about the eating options. Well, Megalong Valley foods will offer you both indoor and outdoor seating options. 

They serve the general cuisines along with the local specialties. Enjoy your food with the beautiful view of the blue mountains or soaking the sweet sunlight while having your breakfast. You will get everything. 

Let’s have a look at those places, which are ready to serve you mouth-watering foods. 

  • Megalong Valley Tearooms.
  • Boiler House Restaurant at Hotel Majestic.
  • Salon Du The bar and Lounge.
  • The Wintergarden.
  • Arjuna Indian Restaurant.
  • Eats270.
  • Blackburn’s Katoomba Family Hotel.
  • Mountain Culture Beer Co.
  • The Farm.
  • The Carrington Dining Room

Some of them offer outdoor seating areas, and some offer indoor seating with a mesmerizing view of nature that will make your dining experience more fulfilling. 

Things To Do In Megalong Valley 

Now comes the main part of your trip. It is time to explore the place. You will surely not want to be in your hotel room all the time, during your vacation. So, here are some activities that you should try when you are enjoying the vibe of Megalong Valley. 

  • Meet The Locals: Exploring the farm and meeting the local people is always a great idea, whenever you are in a new place. Megalong Valley is a working cattle farm and also home to shaggy Highland Kyloes, Angus Cross, Herefords. 
  • Bush Walks: The Six Foot track goes directly through the property and also with several nearby smaller walks. It is a famous walking trail. Bowtell Bridge is best for a picnic next to Megalong Creek. In case you have a car around the Blackheath, you will get some other bushwalking options as well. 
  • Tea Rooms: The Megalong Valley Tearooms are a short drive away. Since the year 1956, this iconic spot has been serving up breakfast, cakes, pies, scones, coffee, tea, along with other tasty sweets. 
  • Vineyards: From Megalong Valley Station, there are two vineyards, which are situated within walking distance. And they both have cellar doors. Megalong Valley Creek Estate and Dryridge Estate are about 800m, and a pleasant 30 minutes walk will take you there. Along the way, you will witness spectacular views. 
  • Horse Riding: You can make your vacation days at Megalong Valley more energetic with horse riding sessions, along with trail rides. From Megalong Valley station, it will take around 20 minutes to walk to the Euroka stables. 
  • The Blue Mountains, The World Heritage: the Blue Mountains are the best thing to explore when you are at Megalong Valley. In case you have a car and fancy an excursion, it will be more soulful for you. 
  • Camping: Another adventurous thing that you can try during your stay in Megalong Valley is Camping. Apart from witnessing the beauty of Old Ford Reserve, you also can go for a picturesque camping trip there. 

Map: Location Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley is situated in the state of New South Wales, Australia. When it comes to how to get there, you have two transportation options, either train or bus. You also can enjoy a long drive from Sydney to the Megalong Valley as well.  

Via train, it will take around 2.5 hours to reach Megalong, and more than that when you will go by bus. While driving takes a lesser time of around 1 hour 47 minutes. The nearest bus station is Bonnie Doon Reserve Great Western Hwy. 

Best Time To Visit Megalong Valley

The best thing about this place is, you can visit Megalong Valley almost any time of the year. This place will offer you different experiences in different seasons. However, if you want to get some mesmerizing snowfalls in the Blue Mountains, winter will be obviously the best. 

Before you are leaving for Megalong Valley, it is always advised to check the weather forecast and pack your bags as per that. The summer season here is cooler than in Sydney. At the Blue Mountains, Autumn is the walking season with cooler and less rainy days. 


I have offered almost every piece of essential information, which you will need when you are planning your trip here in Megalong Valley. But “enough information” does not exist when you are planning your vacation. 

I know there are a lot more questions that are rendering within your mind. So, here I will also answer some of the common questions that people ask most often. In case you have any other queries you can suggest to us the things that our readers will also like to know. 

1. What is The Megalong Valley?

In short, Megalong Valley is a rural paradise of green pastures along with pristine forests. This place is home to a rustic tea room, gorgeous gateway cabins, horse establishment, wineries, and the popular Six Foot Track. 

2. Why Is It Called Megalong Valley?

The root word that lies behind the name Megalong Valley is an Aboriginal word. The meaning of it is “Valley Under The Rock.” a natural history specimen collector was the first European person to come here. From Hartley, he followed the course of Coxs River in 1818. 

3. How Long Is Megalong Valley?

Megalong Valley is 15 kilometers and will take a full day to explore. Alternatively, you always have the option of heading towards the point where the walk starts at the Explorers Tree. 

It also includes a challenging ascent of 4 kilometers. Another option that you have is walking a short distance to the Megalong Cemetery. 

4. Where Is Megalong Creek?

In 2002, Megalong Creek Estate Vineyards was established. This boutique vineyard is run by a family farm and situated at the Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains. The grapes are grown here by the family and then handpicked and transported for winemaking to Mudgee. 

Why You Should Visit Megalong Valley At Least Once?

The rural environment is the perfect gateway to a relaxing, peaceful vacation. This place has some adventurous and also calming activities that will revive your soul in no time. In addition to all these, the Blue Mountains are a bonus. 

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