Top 7 Famous Cake Shops In Australia

Cake shops

There are many cake shops in Australia.  These cake shops offer different types of cakes which all make the difference between the best cake shops and those that are not.  As such, when looking for any cake shop it is very important that you choose nothing but the best alone.  

Australia itself has many cake shops making it hard to tell exactly which one of them is the best and which one is not.  For a person shopping for cakes for the first time, you might not be able to entirely tell which ones exactly are right for you.  

This is why you need to carry out your homework adequately before heading to any cake shop in Australia.  You need to make sure that the kind of cake shop you are choosing is nothing short of the best around. This is the only way you can use to end up with the cakes of your choice or at least what you desire.  

7 famous cake shops in Australia

Cake shops

Australia has almost everything you need with cake shops in abundance.  These cake shops or in some cases even bakeries offer different types of cakes that also come in different flavors.  In simple terms, it is right to say that there are almost all types of cake shops in Malaysia.  

These shops offer different types of cakes that suit the needs of different buyers.  This means if you need any type of cake then there is always a place that you can go to for that.  However, not knowing exactly where to go for what might actually make the difference.  Getting the right cake means you are going to the right cake shop which is exactly what this discussion is all about.

1. The flour and stone

This cake shop in Australia draws so much from the European tradition.  The cake shop located in Sydney is on its way to becoming a top shop that serves the best cakes in Sydney. If you have any doubts regarding this cake shop or what they offer then you can check their Instagram.  

They offer the best cakes that you can enjoy from the shop itself or you can even take away part of it.  Having the cakes from the shop with a sip of some good hot coffee makes for the best dinner you can have at any given time.  

2. Penny fours 

The penny fours are not like any other, one of the best there is at any given time.  If you are looking for some of the best-baked cakes in Sydney then this is the cake shop you need to visit.  To make sure that their cakes are amazing, the cake shop adds a mouthwatering tart.  

The good thing about the cakes from penny fours is that they add so much to their cakes.  Doing this has always led to the cake shop offering the best cakes in Australia.  Depending on what your tastes are, this is without any doubt the best cake shop you need to be.  

3. Lorraine’s Patisserie 

If you are looking for something of a pastry legend then this is exactly the place you need to be.  Name all the good cakes you need and this place is without any doubt the place you need to be.  The Lorraine’s is the best place you need to be if you have some special cake cravings.  

The cake shop also allows you to make some orders and have your cake prepared before you get there.  If you want some special treatment then again this is the exact place you need to be.  You can also get all the types of cakes you need from this place.  

4. Andy Bowdy Pastry / Saga 

There is something about cakes and flavor, they have to be well balanced out.  Unfortunately, very few cake shops are able to bring out this balance quite well as people expect. However, the case with Andy Bowdy Pastry is very much different.  This cake shop has such a fantastic way of balancing the best cakes with the best flavor.  

If you need one then this is the right place for you to go to.  In fact, Andy Bowdy Pastry even offers you an opportunity to make orders up to a week and have it prepared for you.  No matter the kind of flavor you like, this is the cake shop you need to visit.  

5. Black Star Pastry 

If you frequent Sydney then chances are you have heard about the famous strawberry together with watermelon cakes at the Black Star Pastry.  Well, you might want to know exactly if these cases are the best or not.  Well actually they are, they are some of the best cakes you will ever find in Sydney.  

In fact, getting to this place you will find long queues of people looking to buy cakes.  These cakes are and still remain some of the best you will ever find anywhere in Sydney also.  They are appealing and very much the wait that goes into getting them.

6. Brickfields 

If you are in Australia then there is a possibility that you have tried out a Brickfields pastry without your knowledge.  The reason as to why this is the case is because this cake shop distributes cakes all over Sydney.  These cakes are super-sized and loved by many people in Sydney especially those that like the best-baked cakes.  

These cakes are so good with the best flavor and if you are a cake lover then you cannot ask for more. In fact, for the people who need the best cake shops near me, this is the place you need to get into.  It is one of the many best cake places you will ever find in Sydney.  

7. Sydney SmashCakes 

Birthdays are all about cakes where the best birthday cakes make for the best birthday experience.  If you have a birthday coming and you need the best cake for this event then Sydney SmashCakes is exactly what you need.  These cases from this place are one of the best you will ever find in Sydney and a perfect key to your best birthday experience.  

If you have some birthday coming and you need the best cake for the same then you need to visit this place.  Depending on the kind of birthday that you are organizing, this is the right place you need to head to for the best cake.  


If you are in Australia and looking for the best bakery near me for the best cake then read the article above.  It is a perfect compilation of some of the best places you can head to if you need the best cakes in Australia.  

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