15 Famous Australian Entrepreneurs Of 2024

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Are you planning to start your own business? Do you need some inspiration? Going through the journey of some famous Australian entrepreneurs is always a good idea to get some inspiration and also some tips that will help you to grow. 

The journey becomes more challenging when you will want to go in a different direction rather than going with the flow. And throughout that challenging journey, there will be different phases when you need some inspiration and engagement. 

15 Famous Australian Entrepreneurs 

In this article, I will tell you the story of 10 famous Australian entrepreneurs. These are the people who have proved that not everyone has been created to do the 9 to 5 job; some are also there to create their own path. 

The list of 15 famous Australian entrepreneurs list is as follows. 

1. Rupert Murdoch

Venture Name:           

Net Worth: 22.4 billion USD 

Rupert Murdoch is the name that has made News Corp into a global powerhouse. However, the business mentality was inherited from the very beginning. But the story of this one of the most encouraging Australian entrepreneurs is not always “born with a silver spoon type.”

At the age of only 21, he has to take rein in the family business after the sudden demise of his father. Though he had taken over the company that his father had built, at the same time, he was also setting the path of his media empire with a small newspaper at a time.              

2. Katie Page

Venture Name: Harvey Norman      

Net Worth: 80 million USD.                  

Katie Page started her journey in 1982 with her husband with the establishment of a large department store. Now, she is standing with more than 200 Harvey Norman stores across the earth from Singapore to Ireland. 

This very company is also being traded on the ASX or the Australian Stock Exchange. Page is one of the very few women Australian entrepreneurs, of only 4%, who has managed to hold a top-level executive position at an ASX 200 company. 

3. Zoë Foster Blake 

Venture Name: GoTo Skincare, GroTo Skincare.       

Net Worth: 36 million USD.                  

Zoe Foster Blake is an author, journalist, and beauty entrepreneur. She is one of those Australian entrepreneurs who has successfully utilized and showcased their versatility. In the journalism industry, she has worked for more than a decade. 

She has also been a contributing author of Cosmopolitan, Sunday Style, and Harper’s BAZAAR. In the year 2018, Blake has also won the “Children’s Picture Book of the Year” award for her picture book named No One Likes a Fart. 

4. Sam Wood 

Venture Name: Gecko Sports, Woodshed Gym.      

Net Worth: 1.5 million USD.                  

Because of Network Ten’s The Bachelor, Sam Wood has become a recognizable face, but this really famous entrepreneur in Australia is leaving a really impressive last impression with his thriving fitness and healthy eating program ’28. 

His business was shortlisted in the Victorian Telstra Business Awards. Sam’s venture also claimed that they had helped around 15,000 people with their health and fitness goals. One of the most famous Australian entrepreneurs is the owner of the Woodshed Gym, which is located in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. 

5. Emily Green 

Venture Name: Pinky.      

Net Worth: 2.78 million USD.                  

Since the year 2009, Emily Green has been making jewelry. Her handmade beaded jewelry pieces are famous and are being sold across the entire country. She is the perfect example of turning your hobby or passion into a profession. 

From a very young age, Emily was really fond of making handmade things or arts and crafts. As she grew up, she wanted to make her jewelry, making crafting things a lot bigger. 

So, in case you are looking for any Australian entrepreneurs who can encourage you when you are also willing to make your passion into a profession, Green can actually inspire you a lot. 

6. Sabri Suby

Venture Name: King Kong.      

Net Worth: 20million USD.                  

If you are looking for inspiration from some young Australian entrepreneurs, then Sabri Suby is someone who can actually influence your thinking. Around five years ago, he started a marketing agency, King Kong, in her spare bedroom. 

He was also one of the Smart50 finalists whose turnover is over 7.5 million dollars on a yearly basis. He is also a great speaker; you can visit his Instagram profile and go through some videos and motivational quotes, which will definitely lift your spirits up. 

7. Kate Morris

Venture Name: Adore Beauty.       

Net Worth: 30 million USD.                  

Kate Morris is one of the successful Australian entrepreneurs who made a milestone in the e-commerce business sector. She is an inspiring leader in the retail beauty industry. But this successful businesswoman is really too down to earth. 

She understands the proper definition of beauty. Though she is the person behind beauty products, she believes in loving yourself the way you actually are, you actually look. And all these beauty products are a way of pampering yourself. This unconventional thinking will surely help you to develop a business mentality

8. Kevin Garcia

Venture Name: Karst Stone Paper.       

Net Worth: Approximately 1 million to 5 million USD.                  

Kavin Garcia is the famous name behind a really innovative business idea of Karst Stone paper. He is the co-founder and also the co-chief here. His venture has really shaken up the traditional pulp paper industry. His company trunks leftover rubble from landfills into paper. 

Can you imagine how sustainable and eco-friendly it is? In the year 2017, Garcia, along with Jon Tse founded Karst and launched their first range of stone paper notebooks. This particular business has a global mindset, and currently, 70% of its sales are made in the United States, though the company is based in Sydney.  

9. Maggie Beer

Venture Name: Maggie Beer Foundation.       

Net Worth: 25 million USD.                  

I hope you have heard the name Maggie Beer, an Australian food icon. Over the past 4 decades, Maggie has established a number of food businesses. She is also a regular guest judge of MasterChef Australia.  

Though the world knows her by the name Maggie Beer, this Australian food author, cook, re4stauranter, and obviously food manufacturer’s birth name is Margaret Anne Ackerman. So, in case you also love cooking, you can get ideas from one of these amazing Australian entrepreneurs.  

10. Kemi Nekvapil

Venture Name: The Shift Series.      

Net Worth: Unknown.                  

Kemi Nekvapil is one of those famous Australian entrepreneurs who has changed the definition of a traditional career or business path. This public speaker, leadership coach, author, and the creator of a popular podcast series named The Shift Series. 

His podcast series has been racing up the Global Apple podcast charts and this might be the very reason why Nekvapil has launched the second series of it. 

When you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, with the growth of your business, eventually, you will need to develop some essential leadership skills. So, you should consider listening to his podcasts. 

The Bottom Line

All these Australian entrepreneurs are successful in leaving a maker in whatever sector or industry they are. They never stop striving for excellence. And if you also want to become a successful entrepreneur, you also need to believe in yourself and focus on what you want to achieve. And in case you feel out of motivation or energy, you can read the inspiring stories of these amazing young Australian entrepreneurs. 

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